Photographer Joseph Szabo

Photographer Joseph Szabo

Every image displayed on this site have had my hard, joyous and incredibly fulfilling work poured into them. I am so very thankful for my fellow collaborators and the true artists that have helped me to consistently create work I love and can be proud of.

Madelynn Austin.
Makeup Artist. 


I've lived in the Chicago area for the whole of my life, and couldn't imagine it any different. 
For years I've studied, obsessed and trialed over the world of fashion - but nothing quite took my breath away in an image like a beautiful makeup. And for years now I've been on a journey to be a part of images like those that have inspired me - by creating a beautiful makeup. 

I could never put down a good color when I was a kid (much to the dismay of my mom's makeup drawers), and not much has changed except the much improved application methods.